Welcome to Glittering Eyes!

imageKids love good books and books are good for kids.

This site is to help any adults in a child’s life to find good books to read with them. So if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, godparent, neighbour, teacher or the nice lady across the street and you would like to enrich a child’s life with a really good book then this is the site for you.

To get started straight away click the Book Ideas tab above, use the Search tool or look through the Recent Posts on the right.

When I trained as a teacher a few years ago I knew a few books but not many. The door started to open a crack and I started to discover the wonderful wealth of books that are out there. When I became a parent myself the door blew wide open and my house started to fill with great books. Books with great characters, great stories, great illustrations. Books that are funny, clever, beautiful, thoughtful. Books that start discussions. Books that end up with everyone jumping around the couch. Books for winding down for sleep.

This site will help a novice to navigate the children’s section in your local library or bookshop by giving short reviews of great books. I hope it helps. Please do contact me if you would like any extra information or have any questions.

I have included a section called ‘And in school?’ for each book. While primarily aimed at teachers in primary and special schools this can of course be of interest to home schoolers or to anyone who wants to expand what they are doing with the book beyond simply reading it.


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