My Dad



This is one of a pair of books (My Dad & My Mum) that are a beautiful celebration of ordinary fathers and mothers everywhere. As well as being well loved in my own house these are a favourite for presents for new parents. I’ll focus on My Dad here, but My Mum is similar and just as lovely.

Why is it so good?

This book is beautifully simple. Centred around the recurring phrase ‘He’s alright, my Dad‘ it details all the ways that he is great. These range from the ordinary (‘My Dad can eat like a horse’) to the extraordinary (‘He can jump right over the moon‘) and read like the adorable boasts of a kid that are part truth, part Dad exaggerating and part total imagination. The illustrations are amusing and full of little quirks to catch the eye. The book finishes with the warmly reassuring ‘I love my Dad. And you know what? HE LOVES ME! (and he always will)‘.

I particularly like that this book (and My Mum) have a child at the end that could be either a boy or a girl. The parents have a whole range of skills and talents most of which could be applied to most parents. I also love that neither book refers to another parent or to the family unit making them great gifts for kids from single parent, separated or other non typical families. Of course the ego boost for the parent reading it is nice and it would be almost impossible to read without having a big ‘I love you’ hug at the end – never a bad thing!

And in school?

eThe main time I have used these books is around fathers’ day getting kids to replicate them with some tales of how their own father or father figure is brilliant and what he means to them.

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