About me

beach headI’m Eilis. I’m a Mum of three based in the west of Ireland. I have a passion for kids books and seem to spend loads of time reading them, picking them out for my own kids or friends’ and making recommendations. I love when I get it right and see for myself or hear back that the kids loved the books.

I’m also a primary school teacher currently working in a special school. This means that I understand the joy of finding a book that is a good fit for the class and from which I can shoot off in loads of directions. I also know how tough it can be to keep coming up with new interesting ideas.

Working in a special school means that I am not a fan of age recommendations for books. I find them restricting and they can be counter productive as no kid wants to read a book that is supposed to be for younger kids. Hopefully this site will help you find something you like. Read it and you’ll know if it’s a good pick for your kids or class. Or you can google and see what age other people think it’s for. Personally I think if a picture book is good enough there should be no upper age limit (but since I’m an adult who mostly reads picture books of course I think that!).

All the books I recommend should be available in good kids book shops or via online sources. Quite a few can also be accessed via your local library which I highly recommend particularly for older titles.

If you have any questions or comments on particular books please post them in the comments section under those posts. For more general questions or feedback you can contact me at:



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